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East Coast Glass & Interiors, Inc.

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  • Bath Accessories

    A major bathroom remodel needs new bathroom fixtures to finish the job. Even if you are just looking for a little change, new bathroom fixtures can provide just the right touch. East Coast Glass & Interiors has a specialized line of bathroom accessories that includes:

    • Corner Shower Caddies
    • Faucets
    • Recessed Shower Caddies
    • Shower Bars
    • Soap Dishes
    • Toilet Paper Roll Holders
    • Towel Bars & Rings

    These accessories for your bathroom are beautiful and functional with a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and metals to fit any bathroom design.

  • Commercial Storefront Glass

    East Coast Glass & Interiros has solutions for industrial, multi-story, custom entrance, and high traffic commercial applications. We can create or install a window, sliding door, storefront, curtain wall, or entrance system for virtually every building need and requirement. Our distinctive doors, windows, framing systems, and related components are designed and manufactured according to stringent architectural requirements. Our products are manufactured from superior alloys, built to the tightest tolerances and finished to the highest standards. Each of our products satisfies the toughest sound, building and seismic codes and is designed for quick, easy installation.

  • Frames

    At East Coast Glass & Interiors, we pride ourselves on having the perfect frame to fit any room setting. With over 60 styles of frame choices available, your selection options are unlimited. From the classic waterside style frames to orante Acadia frames, East Coast Glass & Interiors is your leader in Raleigh frames for mirros. With over 20 years of experience in custom frames, we are able to provide a vast assortment of frames to fit any needs you may have. 

    East Coast Glass & Interiors specializes in providing custom frames for mirrors. We custom cut frames to fit your mirror measurements, assemble the frame, and press the pre-taped frame onto the glass. This option costs far less than framing a mirror yourself or buying a new framed mirror. We guarantee we will deliver a beautiful, high-quality frame that will not warp or come off your mirror with a finish that will last for years. 

  • Glass Replacement

    If glass in your home or business begins to warp, crack, or having any other sign of break, East Coast Glass & Interiors can provide comprehensive glass replacement and repair. Some of the repair services we provide includes: 

    • 1/2 Bevel up to 2" Bevel
    • Acrylic & Lexan
    • Angle and Radius Corners
    • Beveled Radius Corners
    • Beveled Shapes & Circles
    • Colonial
    • Concave
    • Custom Patterns
    • Decorative V-Groove Standard Patterns
    • Diamond
    • Double Prairie
    • Edge Notch
    • Finger Pulls
    • Florentine
    • Mail Slot/Cash Hole
    • Marquis
    • Non-Glare
    • Notched Panels
    • Pattern Glass
    • Petal
    • Polished Shapes & Circles
    • Single Prairie
    • Single Strength Glass with a Single-Sided Etch
    • Tinted Glass
    • Tinted Mirrors
    • Trellis
    • V-Groove & Plate Groove

    We even specialize in windshield repair at affordable prices. It is best to see us early when you notice a small damaged area on your windshield so the damage does not spread and become a bigger, more expensive repair. Our repair process incolves injecting a special resin into your windshielf to make the damage unnoticable. 

  • Insulated Glass

    East Coast Glass & Interiors provides custom insulated glass installation and repair for the Raleigh, NC area. But what is insulated glass?

    Insulated glass consists of two panes of glass separated by a space. The perimeter of the glass is sealed, allowing no movement of outside air into the space. The space itself can be filled with dehydrated air, or with a special gas. The type of glass, the type of spacer, and the type of gas used in the space contribute to the overall insulating efficiency and cost of the glass. 

    The gas used in the space between the panes is dehydrated air in the least expensive panes, and argon and/or krypton gas in the highest quality panes. Argon and krypton gas have qualities that decrease the movement of heat through the space, giving improved efficiency. However, these gasses increase the manufacturing cost of the windows.

    Coated glass is typically called "Low E", which means low emissivity. The coating is an extremely thin layer of metallic oxide that decreases the transmission of heat through the glass. Some of these coatings also decrease the passage of ultraviolet light (UV) into your home, which is notorious for causing fading in furniture and carpets.

    Unfortunately, there is no do-it-yourself repair for clouded insulated glass. When the seal around the perimeter of the two panes fails, moisture enters the gap and condenses on the inside of the glass, giving it a foggy appearance. This is irreversible. The only repair is replacement of the panel.

  • Mirrors

    Searching for a mirror and or a frame that will accentuate your Colonial, Traditional, Victorian, French, Italian or Modern décor of your home? We have the perfect mirror for decorating your home. East Coast Glass provides mirrors cut to any specification and offers installation in Raleigh and the Triangle area. Custom mirrors are one of the hottest trends in interior design. Mirrors reflect the beauty and charm of your home as well as adding dramatic decorative appeal. Let us assist in providing choices of mirrors and frames designed to enhance your décor. We will help you select the perfect mirror frame or custom mirror frame.

    Our mirror services include layout, fabrication, and installation of: 

    • Antique and Tinted Mirrors
    • Ballet Bars
    • Bathroom and Vanity Mirrors
    • Bevel Mirrors and Bevel Strips
    • Contemporary Floating Frameless Mirrors
    • Custom Framed and Unframed Wall Mirrors
    • Etched Mirrors
    • Frame Mirrors
    • Frameless Vanity Mirrors
    • Gym and Dance Studio Mirrors
    • Large Bathroom Mirrors
    • Mirror Bars with Floating Glass Shelves
    • Mirror Walls
    • One Way Mirrors
    • Oval and Beveled Vanity Mirrors

  • Plantation Shutters

    Plantation shutters are consistently one of the most popular of all window treatments. Nothing matches the elegance and grandness of shutters with the classic styling in either stained wood, or a variety of painted colors, nothing matches the elegance and grandness of shutters. There are several frame styles, louver sizes and control options to address form while insulation and light control properties address function. Specialty shapes are available to accommodate almost any type of opening.

    When it comes to plantation shutters in Raleigh, East Coast Glass is the #1 choice for discerning homeowners. Our shutter choices are built with energy conservation in mind as they are built to withstand high humidity, high temperatures, and excessive light. You can choose from horizontal or vertical shutters with a wide range of options from subtle to bold colors and varying widths of the slats to the materials used. There are a variety of ways to customize your shutters by adding a variety of frame and molding styles with unique inserts to hand carved top and bottom rails in a choice of designs.

  • Shower Enclosures

    Contemporary bathroom designs feature the installation of all-glass, frameless shower doors. These glass enclosures offer angular lines and quality glass work that set bathroom decor apart from those that incorporate traditional shower door styles. East Coast Glass is here to assist you with all your shower door design and installation needs. We can install a wide selection of frameless or framed shower enclosures. Our competetive prices combined with our quality installations makes us the premier choice for Shower Enclosures in Raleigh.

    At East CoastGlass, our only goal is to install custom glass shower enclosure that are elegant, functional, affordable and not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We consistently deliver outstanding results and beat the competition in both prices and results every time.

    We work with Builders, Architects, Designers and Homeowners to create and install custom shower enclosures in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We have worked with many of the best homebuilders in Raleigh on a wide range of new homes installing top of the line shower enclosures. We specialize in virtually any glass needs including:

    • Cabinet Glass
    • Framed Shower Doors
    • Frameless Shower Enclosures
    • Glass Shelving
    • Heavy Glass 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" 
    • Mirrors
    • Tabletops
    • Standard Shower and Tub Doors

  • Specialty Services

    No matter what custom glass service you need, we can provide it! We have performed a variety of specialty glass services from custom display cases to glasstop meeting desks for corporations. Some of the specialty glass we can provide includes

    • Acrylic Plexiglass
    • Beveled Glass
    • Custom Glass Edge Polishes
    • Custom Tabletop Glass
    • Decorative Glass
    • Heavy Glass
    • Picture Frame Glass
    • Polycarbonate
    • Tempered Glass Cutting Boards
    • Tempered Glass Shelves

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